Our company founder, Frank Donaldson, designed and built the first air cleaner and filter for a heavy duty engine in 1915. Since then, nearly every significant innovation in air cleaner technology has been led by Donaldson. Today our air filters are setting new standards in filtration quality, coverage and performance – with filters that fit our own air cleaners and those manufactured by others. When you choose Donaldson air filters, you get performance that's anything but standard. We offer a wide range of air filters for every need: RadialSeal™ Filters Create a superior seal and vibration resistant interface between the air cleaner and the filter This reliable seal helps to protect engines in extreme operating conditions Offering replacement filters for Donaldson air cleaners – and for many competitive air cleaners Axial Seal Filters Traditional filter design with a gasket on the end of the filter that gets compressed against the housing to create a tight seal Our filters have a strong, pliable gasket that ensures a leak-free seal when properly installed Our gaskets won't harden or deteriorate over the life of the filter Features Heavy duty liners – corrosion resistant, coated steel liners support the media during operation and help maximize airflow Pleatloc™ media spacing – ensures uniform pleat spacing, which keeps filter media from bunching and promotes longer service life Beading – applied to filter liners, beading is designed to stabilize media and prevent pleat tip wear Benefits Donaldson branded filters are designed specifically to give you effective, consistent performance over the life of your engine The company that invented air filters for heavy-duty engines to deliver the broadest vehicle and equipment coverage, the most consistent quality and the best overall performance Applications On-road trucks Off-road trucks and equipment Available Media Types Cellulose – standard media used in the majority of air filter applications Flame retardant and vibration resistant cellulose media variations available to meet specialty engine applications requirements